The Season’s First Tray Of Delicious Mangoes Has Sold For A Troppo $22K

If you thought $1 was expenno for a beautifully ripe mango, howzabout $22,000?

A presumably loaded Gold Coast fruiterer named George Manettas paid big bucks for the season’s first tray of mangoes at the annual Brisbane Market auction today, as is tradition.
Here he is, the Mango King of 2016:
“I feel like I got a B12 shot!”

The box’s arrival to the auction site – via a velvet-lined forklift – was met with quite a bit of pomp, including a procession of bongo drummers and cheery women in Hi-Vis (jury still out on their relevance to fruit).

George’s money goes straight to Diabetes Queensland and Life Education Queensland, which is as swoit as the fruit itself.

With that, we leave you this highly relevant vid and a promise that summer really is here.

Photo: Seinfeld.