The Online Shoe Museum

My first thought was where does a foot fit inside this piece of neon architecture? My second thought, was if somehow I did manage to get my size 9 feet in amongst the framework, the effect these shoes would have on my high school social status would last the two years I have left there, and probably well into Uni. If for some reason I was at school at night, and there was the rare event of a blackout, these shoes would make me the most popular kid in the classroom. Yeahhh.

The Virtual Shoe Museum is the brainchild of Liza Snook, and has been up and running since 2004.
Featuring shoes made from rocks, feathers and leaves, the site also caters for those who don’t like the environment -with leather, rubber and glass shoes also making an appearance. Heck theres even a pair you can eat.

The down side is that being a museum, the site plays by the rule look but don’t touch, meaning you can feast your eyes until the cows come home but these gems aren’t for sale. Ironically the most fun you will have in a museum.

Horse hooves as shoes? Check it out at