The Internet Is Tearing Apart Trying To Define What The Fuck A Casserole Is

A lot of issues have dramatically polarised the internet: ‘Is the dress blue or gold?’, ‘Is it a potato scallop or potato cake?’, ‘Is the part in the Hank Scorpio episode of The Simpsons where Homer says he’s seen a man say goodbye to a shoe a reference to having just seen it then, or another unexplained incident in the past?’, but this one is a bit surprising in just how divisive it is.

The bizarre thing that did it this time was one of Australia‘s most widely loved and most attractive writers, Benjamin Law, posting to Twitter challenging people to define what exactly constitutes a casserole (an intensely white person dish):

It turns out that is actually an insanely good question: what in the sweet hot fuck separates a casserole from a stew or a bake or even a lasagne? A bunch of people were relatively certain they had the right answer, except no one could quuuiiite agree:

At this stage you might be thinking ‘Who cares?’ but the answer to that is a lot of people, apparently. The answer it seems is actually pretty straightforward: “A kind of stew that is cooked slowly in an oven.”

I’m still pretty confident in my own dumbshit answer to the question:

Photo: Wikipedia / Campbell’s.