The Iconic Have Lost The Damn Plot & Are Fanging Loads Of Sneakers For Under $80 Today

The Iconic have like, lost the plot or something hey. It’s like sale on sale! There never ISN’T a sale!

I personally love it. I mean, my bank account doesn’t, and neither does my isolation goal of “stop spending money”. But my wardrobe does – and now my feet will, too.

Yep, The Iconic have announced another one of those flash sales, this time on sneakers.

They’re putting a huge range of genuinely schmick sneaks up for sale, with nothing over $80. For those who love a good shoe, you know that’s dirt cheap.

Want a sneak(er) preview? You’re welcome.

Reebok BB 400
Adidas Originals Supercourt
Vans Sport
Converse Chuck Taylor All Star 70 Hi
Ellesse Campo
Puma RS-X3 Move
Adidas Originals Stan Smith
New Balance Classics 850

The sale is running from 12pm – 4pm today, 14th May. So you need to get in on it ASAP. My advice? Save sneaks to your wish list and suss if they end up on sale at 12.

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