[Clears throat] FOLKS, The Iconic has just unleashed a dedicated pet fashion and accessory range. I don’t need to be spending any more of my money, but I just cannot resist tiny clothes. TINY CLOTHES.

The Iconic’s pet-friendly edit is available right now, and features a whole slew of brands like Paul Smith, R.M. Williams, Filson, Driza-Bone, Sebastian Says, and PETHAUS. Think fancy designer dog coats, collars, harnesses and leads that are both functional and fashionable. I still dress like I’m headed to my 9am tutorial at university (like a sloth), but I’ll be damned if my precious pup doesn’t look like goddamn Marie Antoinette.

According to The Iconic, humans are really lapping up PETHAUS’ Sherpa Denim Vest which will set you back $68. You can’t put a price on love. You just can’t. The vest comes in both small and large.

Look at those widdle armholes.

The Iconic | PETHAUS Sherpa Denim Vest in small.

Other super popular buys include the R.M. Williams Dog Leash (99 bucks), the Filson Webbing Dog Collar ($74.95), a fancy as hell Fringe Wool Dog Sweater ($80), a Driza-Bone Aspley Oilskin Dog Coat ($119), and Filson’s Shelter Cloth Dog Coat ($139.95). These are all incredibly luxe, and makes me think of all the dogs I see strutting their stuff in South Yarra / Toorak / your rich people equivalent.

I mean look at this.

The Iconic | Sebastian Says Fringe Wool Dog Sweater

And in case you were wondering, this is what the Driza-Bone Aspley Oilskin Dog Coat looks like. It has POCKETS. Some of my jeans don’t even have pockets, oh my god.

The Iconic | Driza-Bone Ashfield Oilskin Wool Dog Coat


You can suss out the whole collection online right here.