The Iconic & Binge Have Dropped Some Luxe Loungewear If You’re Running Low On Sweats

Your friends at The Iconic have teamed up with Aussie streaming service Binge to bring you an ~ exclusive ~ line of luxe loungewear.

Binge is the new kid on the (streaming) block with huge titles including Big Little Lies, Watchmen, and Game of Thrones. Think also a slew of true-crime titles, drama, reality, lifestyle, and blockbuster flicks.

The unisex loungewear, suitably named ‘Inactivewear’ is a 19-piece collection featuring hoodies, crew necks, sweatpants, shorts, and socks. The hoodies – well, everything looks comfy as hell.

The range is available in sizes XS to XL.

If, like me, you’ve run out of jumpers while WFH, here are some options.

Behold, the Binge On hoodie ($99.99) paired with the matching red Primetime Sweat Pants ($89.99). The hoodie also comes in light grey, dark grey, mandarin, and pink. The tracky dacks also come in light and dark grey.

I’m trying to wear less black – I write as I sit in a black turtleneck – so here’s a look at the Binge On Hoodie ($99.99) in pink. LOVE the pink.

The Iconic | Binge On Hoodie

This hoodie has been paired with The Sequel Sweatshorts in white ($69.99). The shorts also come in light grey.

Next up: the Chill, Chill, Chill Sweat Top ($89.99) and the Binge Trackpants ($89.99). The top also comes in white, blue, navy, and navy printed. The logo prints vary between colours. The bottoms also come in navy and blue.

I LOVE this in navy printed. Look, look, look.


Ooof. Could get through a whole season of anything in these.

You can find the entire collection, right HERE.

If you’re keen on sussing out Binge, the streaming service offers Basic, Standard, and Premium packages at $10, $14, and $18, respectively. All packages include a two week free trial for users. Learn more, HERE.

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