Swim Brand The Fold & Alexandria Coe Have Made Body Positive Art For Your Walls

Art – particularly the good stuff done by a reputable artist and not those (v bad for the industry) illegal reprints you can get all over the internet – can really force you to part with serious $$$. Fair enough – artists need cash flow just as much as the rest of us do. But it can be difficult to invest in a piece you adore when your own bank account isn’t overflowing.

Every now and again though, a celebrated artist will offer their works for a fraction of the price, often through collaborations with brands. That’s what has occurred today, with D+ swimwear brand The Fold teaming up with Alexandria Coe, a London-based illustrator and artist who focuses on the female form.

“Elle”, $160

Alexandria is a big deal – she’s created work for Teen Vogue and Instyle, as well as brands like Liberty of London and Jo Malone. She also has an effortless knack for capturing female curves via line drawing – and her pieces usually cost upwards of $350.

For The Fold, however, she’s created a series of four artworks depicting the brand’s swimwear on clients of different shapes and sizes.


Stephanie Korn and Carly Warson, the founders of The Fold, wanted to “pay homage to the female form in an abstract and non conventional approach, rather than idealizing and sexualizing the woman as an object”.

“Jessica”, $160

Each artwork is being sold for $160, and has a limited edition run of 50 prints. A percentage of every sale goes to The National Breast Cancer Foundation.

“Jasmin”, $160https://thefoldswim.com/product/jasmin-print/

In addition to this, the brand is holding a competition via Instagram, where followers can share their “best breast moment”, tag a friend and repost the image with #lovemyfolds for their chance to win a line drawing inspired by their form.

Check out the collection via The Fold’s site here.