There’s a reason people study at places like NIDA and WAAPA before they star in film, TV or even commercials, and that’s because acting is actually very hard.

Regular humans cannot act. We might think we can, but we can’t. 

The Dept Of Finance Dropped $40k On The Cringiest Video Known To Man

But while acting, and writing for that matter, are actually much harder than they look, this hasn’t stopped Australia’s Department of Finance giving it their very best.

The department has spent nearly $40,000 on a marketing campaign for new grads that, while very well-intentioned, has seen $4000 go towards the cringiest video of all time. 

And because times are tight at the old dept of money, they’ve inexplicably paired the script, presumably written by some very early-stage AI, with their sweet, innocent public servants.

Here is a very normal extract:

Terrified Man: “So how are you finding the program?

Terrified Woman: “It’s pretty great to be honest. I’ve been here less than an year, and I never thought that I’d be working on a project supporting a modernisation program across government.”

*both pause, acknowledge entropy, embrace existential dread* 

Terrified Man: “…awesome!”

We’re guessing the ad agency responsible for this genius, Together Creative, really spent one heck of an afternoon on the script. See how far you can make it through the whole thing.

Other highlights include sees a dude joking around with his “buddy” in a “buddy program” that apparently requires people say “buddy” every four seconds, a seriously very accurate representation of subordinates making awkward small talk with superiors, and a woman turning down some fancy paleo pear and banana bread (whatever the hell that is) for a nice, humble, salt of the earth business meeting.

Naturally, that last bizarre interaction has spawned a buttload of memes and an amazing response to the video from Victorian Liberal Senator James Paterson

For anyone wooed by this killer dialogue, applications for the graduate program open tomorrow and close Monday, April 3rd.

But next time, Department of Finance, best leave it to the professionals.

The Dept Of Finance Dropped $40k On The Cringiest Video Known To Man

Source: SMH.

Photo: Youtube / Department of Finance.