The Daily Telegraph Apologizes To Stalin Over Unfair Comparisons To Stephen Conroy

The Daily Telegraph has sheepishly acknowledged its own terribleness.

Today’s edition of the self proclaimed “cheeky, satirical, provocative” tabloid newspaper served up a tongue in cheek apology to noted genocidal dictator of the Soviet Joseph Stalin over a series of unfair comparisons to Federal Communications Minister Stephen Conroy and his proposed media reforms which would expose us not to corruption, war, the erection of forced labour camps or the obliteration of entire minority groups but to the just-as-fucked-up, damaging and insidious appointment of a Public Interest Media Advocate who would oversee self-regulating media bodies and evaluate large-scale media mergers.

Those two things are definitely very similar.  

Read the full text below…

Yesterday we ran this picture of Federal Communications Minister Stephen Conroy depicted as Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin.

It has since been pointed out that this was a grossly unfair and
insulting comparison to make. And so we would just like to say: We’re
sorry, Joseph.

Yes, it is true that Stalin was a despicable and evil tyrant who was responsible for the death of many millions.

However, at least he was upfront in his efforts to control the
media instead of pretending he supported free speech and then suggesting
that cheeky, satirical or provocative newspaper coverage might be
against the law. We also note that, despite his well-documented crimes
against humanity, Stalin at least managed to hold a government together
for more than three years.

Nonetheless, we pay tribute to our new Commissar Conroy and stand ready to write and publish whatever he instructs us to.

Stay classy, guys