The Daily Edited Just Opened A Café So You Can Monogram & Scoff Macarons

Ah, The Daily Edited. Purveyors of every monogrammed bag, clutch, notebook or phone case you’ve ever seen.

Having dominated the wardrobes of Aussie women (yes, and some chic men), it’s moving onto something we value even more than personalised leather: our stomachs.

For a limited time, TDE has opened up a café in collaboration with Melbourne foodie favourite, LuxBite, which means you shop for, and enjoy on-the-spot personalisation of, TDE’s goodies *while* stuffing your face with cake and macarons.

Smack-bang in the middle of Chadstone Shopping Centre, the TDE x LuxBite café looks like a Wes Anderson wet dream: all millennial pink, vintage boy-scout green and gold finishes.

To kick off opening week, you’ll score a **FREE** limited-edition TDE x LuxBite cake – which is a strawberry mousse, white peach jelly and almond cake with rose marshmallow –  with every purchase (like you needed another excuse to buy).

TDE founder, Alyce Tran, told PEDESTRIAN.TV sugar is what keeps her team running, so it made perfect sense to open the doors to a cross-over café.

In our office when I can see my team need a pick me up, I often order in cakes from our fave patisseries, they give us a sugar high, an instagrammable moment and then we are back on track. I love a good piece of cake and the opportunity came up to set up an activation in Chadstone and I really wanted to do something a bit different for our customers.

The TDE x LuxBite cake is open for Instagramming business from now until February, with the same opening hours as Chadstone.

Go forth and do your worst.