The Books We Can’t Believe They Published

Writing a book can be hard. Especially when you’re trying to write about something real, a tome about the important topics in life and not and some lame fanfic that turns into a multi-billion dollar empire… We did a quick search through the wonderful wide web and found a few books that tackle the real issues – books that required a great deal of research on topics the average man/woman wouldn’t know about.

If they made us read these books in school, we’re sure we would’ve paid more attention in English.

Because apparently we were taught wrong in kindergarten.

Was it an eagle or a pigeon?
Because everyone wants to wear man’s best friend.

Apparently it’s been around the block a few times…


You’re curious now too aren’t you?

Science can be used to explain everything.

If you want to learn how to write about weird and wonderful topics like these, sign up for Jesse Bering‘s Coach session this week. The author behind Perv: the Sexual Deviant in All of Us, Jesse delved into the history of perversions to discover just how people tick. From the woman who fell madly in love with the Eiffel Tower to the man addicted to seductive sneezes, from nymphomania to paedophilia, he had to figure out just how to tackle the topics people tend to avoid. Learn from him and let the deviant inside you ask questions.

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