Normally I’d say that ‘The Block‘s biggest crime is being a boring show about boring people who have boring arguments while doing boring toilet installations, but apparently they’ve been outdoing themselves lately with juuuuust a touch of casual racism.

Just as it’s kind of unsurprising that casual racism rears its ugly noggin on Aussie TV, it was similarly unsurprisingly mostly overlooked on the night that it aired – although this might have something to do with the fact that most sane people are not using their Sunday night to watch ‘The Block‘.

Campaigner Nayuka Gorrie, however, did notice. Or more specifically, her mum did: 

For some reason Kim decided the best response to being tired was painting her face in faux-tribal makeup? Even if it’s not racist, it’s definitely weird:

“Kim is a deputy principal and at one point paints her face up and says “I’m from the tired tribe of apartment five.” Kim works with young people. The show airs to a lot of people. I don’t what is worse. Utterly atrocious. I watched the episode so I could understand why my Mum was upset.”

Nayuka was not the only person upset about it:

Rapper Briggs summed it up quite succinctly:

If you want to make up your own mind you can watch it here at around the 22:45 mark, but it’s probably not a great sign if the people it’s offensive to are the people saying that it’s offensive, hey.

If your plan here is to jump in the comments all like “hurr burr everyone is so offended by everything these days”, maybe take some time for quiet reflection and consider that that’s because people are constantly doing shit that is straight up offensive.

Source and photo: Channel 9.