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I don’t know if it’s just my FYP, but it looks like the return of ‘80s Jane Fonda-esque workout ‘fits is in full swing. One style that’s making a particularly big come-back is unitards. Bodysuits, onesies, crotch monsters — whatever you’d like to call them — are slowly taking over the activewear space with brands like Glassons, Nike, Girlfriend Collective, STAX and more bringing out a bunch of modern cuts and colourways.

I know what you’re thinking, working out in a unitard surely runs the risk of camel toes, wedgies, sheer squats and more. However, these aren’t just your regular cotton onesies, they’ve been designed specifically to be activewear. Think thick, moisture-wicking fabrics, supportive cuts and smooth silhouettes.

After trying out a unitard for myself, I’ve decided that it’s like your favourite crop and shorts (or coziest leggings) had a baby. They’re comfy enough for all-day wear (#grossgirlsunite), there isn’t a restrictive waistband crushing your tummy after every meal, and they layer in ways two pieces could never.

Of course, this particular trend isn’t going to be for everyone — it feels very tell me you grew up doing ballet without telling me you grew up doing ballet. But if you’re keen to give it a try, here’s where you can buy activewear onesies/unitards.

Glassons Active Cut Out Ruched Supersoft Unitard

activewear, unitard, bodysuit, onesie

Glassons Active Cut Out Ruched Supersoft Unitard, $49.99

First up we have this Glassons number that features a cutout front, bold stitching, ruched detailing and adjustable spaghetti straps. It’s giving “hot girl walk that ends up at brunch, and she slays”. Glassons also has a number of different styles and colourways available, if the cutout front isn’t for you.

Shop Glassons here. 

Girlfriend Collective Black Cami Unitard

activewear, unitard, bodysuit, onesie

Girlfriend Collective Black Cami Unitard, $88

If you’re after something a little more compressive and on the warmer side, this unitard from Girlfriend Collective is all you will ever need. Made from 36 recycled water bottles, you can wear it for everything from yoga and pilates to brunch and WFH. Plus, it comes in five different colourways and offers sizes XXS to 6XL.

Shop Gifrfriend Collective here. 

STAX Short Leg Bodysuit

activewear, unitard, bodysuit, onesie

STAX Short Leg Bodysuit, $84.95

You’ve probably already seen the STAX bodysuits all over your feeds, and for good reason. Made from their famous NANDEX fabric, it’s the perfect combination of buttery smooth and high-performance so you feel supported and stylish while you work out. STAX also has two styles in stock at the moment, the shorts with collar (pictured above) and a legging-length suit.

Shop STAX here. 

Alo Airbrush Real Onesie

8 Workout Onesies So Comfy You’ll Never Wanna Wear Thick Waist Bands Again

Alo Airbrush Real Onesie, $195

Alo was one of the first brands to jump on the unitard trend. The Airbrush Real Bodysuit takes the cult-favourite Real Bra Tank and remixes it with the bestselling Alo biker short. It features a soft, sculpting silhouette, and buttery-soft fabric for next-level comfort while you workout, or brunch (no judgement).

You can shop Alo here. 

Nike Yoga Dri-FIT Luxe

8 Workout Onesies So Comfy You’ll Never Wanna Wear Thick Waist Bands Again

Nike Yoga Dri-FIT Luxe, $130

Of course, the legends over at Nike have designed a jumpsuit that will keep you confidently covered for any workout. Part of the Nike Luxe line, this super-comfortable, lightweight piece will be the second skin you’ll want to live in, which is excellent if you’re a #grossgirl like me who’s probably going to work out in this baddie and then not take it off until I absolutely have to.

Shop Nike here. 

LSKD Boost Bodysuit

8 Workout Onesies So Comfy You’ll Never Wanna Wear Thick Waist Bands Again

LSKD Boost Bodysuit, $90

If you’re looking for a unitard that’ll get you through a HIIT workout, this one from LSKD is likely it. It’s a tight-fitting compressive bodysuit with four-way stretch and quick-drying properties. The bodysuit also features an internal shelf bra and a keyhole back strap for extra security. It also effortlessly pairs with an oversized shirt for a luxe street look between sessions.

Shop LSKD here.

Free People Good Karma Long Sleeve Runsie

activewear, unitard, bodysuit, onesie

Free People Good Karma Long Sleeve Runsie, $108

I feel like there’s one of these ‘runsies’ (cute names for onesies) in every TikTok girlies wardrobe. Designed as a part of Free People’s Good Karma collection, this long sleeve unitard is ultra-flattering, moves with you while you work out and is as supportive as it is comfortable.

You can shop Free People here.

Nimble Extend Onesie Short

8 Workout Onesies So Comfy You’ll Never Wanna Wear Thick Waist Bands Again

Nimble Extend Onesie Short, $129

Ooft, this onesie from Nimble is buttery-soft and supports you in all the right places. It has thick, straight straps and a built-in bra (with removable cups) for extra support. My favourite design feature is the laser-cut hems for a gentle finish around the edge.

Shop Nimble here. 

Image: Girlfriend Collective / Glassons