A ‘temporary protest band’ have popped up in Sydney in order to bring attention to the protests of the lockout laws in New South Wales – they’re called ‘The Lock Outlaws‘. 

One half the band, NSW musician Joe Gould, has said that the band will only last as long as the lockout laws, and will disband as soon as they are gone. 

“Of course we’ll have our share of naysayers. But for us it’s a win-win: if you like the band hopefully you’ll support our cause, and if you don’t like us, help get rid of the lockouts and we promise we’ll cease to exist.”

Gould says that as much as the laws have affected the young people of NSW and their ability to have a damn good time (something Sydney likes a lot), there’s a plethora of other issues to take notice of:

“They’ve closed bars and small businesses, they’ve affected shift workers and of course bands. The flow on from having less people out and less nightlife in Sydney means less opportunities to perform. With the recent exemptions for live music venues a welcome step forward, we aim to be the only artists in the city who will miss out when the laws disappear altogether.”

They’ve released their debut single,  ‘Just Go Home’ – a ‘bluesy grunge’ track that deplores the laws brought in by the state government in 2014. 

You can listen to it here:

Tyson Koh, the director of anti-lockouts group ‘Keep Sydney Open’ (who recently challenged lockout supporters to host a rally as big as the 15k-strong one KSO held six months ago) has also added his support for the band, saying, 

“There’s no doubt that the lockout have crippled nightlife, fun and culture in Sydney. The one positive thing to come out of it though is the activation of our artistic community, who have not only fought for their city passionately but with creativity and flair too. 

The Lock Outlaws have entered the fray at a crucial time as we wait to see how the government will respond to an imminent review of the legislation. In the meantime, if there’s going to be discontent in the community we may as well make it colourful and loud!”

The Band Who Exist Purely To Protest Lockouts Drops A Grungy Debut Track

The group have stated their support for running independent Clover Moore in the local City of Sydney elections, saying that a vote for Clover Moore is one for “ending lock out laws, promoting more live music venues and making sure people can get home safely on public transport”.

He urges Sydney-siders to make sure they vote in the local election, telling listeners that for each person that doesn’t show up, “five haters will”. 

Source/Photo: Supplied.