The ABC Is Resurrecting ‘Fact Check’ To Once Again Dunk On Pollies’ Lies

What is truth? What is post-truth? How are we supposed to separate fact from fiction, when the powers that be – who have always dealt in half-truths and subterfuge – are actively adding to the confusion that surrounds public policy?

Like when Trump looked at a pic of his own empty inauguration and decided that it was quite full, actually.

But into this dark and dire world steps a beacon of journalistic truth: ABC Fact Check. It’s back! And it’s here to shit all over your bullshit, Senator Hanson!*

*[Or, insert any politician, public figure, advocacy group and institutions engaged in public debate.]

Yep, the ABC’s award-winning Fact Check Unit is coming back this March, with ABC News and RMIT University partnering to sort the ~truth~ from the ~pack o’ lies~.

“In a time of ‘post-truth’, ‘alternative facts’ and ‘fake news’, it is ever more critical to hold public figures to account and ensure that public discourse — the basis of democracy — is based in fact,” said the Dean of the University’s School of Media and Communication, Martyn Hook.

“RMIT is thrilled to join with the ABC to relaunch Fact Check and support this crucial public service.”

Like before – only this time with RMIT – the service till research and publish Fact Checks and Fact Files. It’s also going to restart the Promise Tracker, which you might recall was the bane of then Prime Minister Tony Abbott‘s existence when it kept a beady eye on his election promises in 2013.

The relaunched service is not gonna stop the flow of bullshit entirely, but it will help us all wade through the half-truth quagmire that little bit easier. Doing the lord’s work, is Aunty.

(If public policy was human and appeared on reality TV.)

Source: ABC.

Photo: David Leyonhjelm; Getty / Stefan Postles; Q&A.