Tessa Thompson’s Hair Is An Actual Whip In Her Cracking Met Gala Aesthetic

Tessa Thompson Is Using Her Hair As An Actual Whip On The Met Gala Red Carpet

Tessa Thompson has continued her streak of fabulously extra hair-dos at the Met Gala. Last year, a three-tier, beehive-ish do topped off with a string of pearls. This year? She is literally whipping her hair back and forth.

Yes, mates, she is quite literally using her very long whip-like plait as a costume accessory, complete with a riding crop.

I’m just going to say it, I’m actually living for this look? It’s somewhere between jockey and dominatrix and like, ye olde Queen of England.

Getty Images / [Dimitrios Kambouris]
Look at her, just swinging it around. Wait is it covered in plastic? Is the whole thing plastic and she just hooked it on to her actual hair? Is it heavy? Has she tripped yet? I honestly have so many questions.

Getty Images / [Dia Dipasupil]
Look at the sheer length of this thing. Wait hold on, there are actual tassels at the end. Woman has c-o-m-m-i-t-t-e-d. Also why does Trever Noah look so worried about ze lewk:

Getty Images / [Mike Coppola/MG19]
And I get it, this is the Met Gala and there are people with multiple eyes on their heads, carry extra heads in their hands, people volunteering as tribute and just generally batshit but kinda funky looks.

So this may be understated in comparison, but show me a single other guest using their hair as a goddamn leather prop. Also, she’s just so damn gorgeous and this shade of pink is perfect on her. The end.