A teenager in the UK was brutally mocked by a prospective employer literally moments after being rejected for the job.

Megan Dixon, 18, tweeted a screenshot of the exchange with an employee from steakhouse chain Miller & Carter, which has obviously since gone viral.

“Imagine going for a job interview and the woman says she will email u in a few days but then waits 1 minute after u leave to text u this,”
she wrote.

The woman had texted “It’s a no x”, and when Megan asked for feedback, replied called her basic, not engaging, and mocked her use of the word ‘like’. If there’s a more humiliating way to be rejected for a gig then we have yet to hear it.

In a serious of follow up tweets, Megan said the woman – who is the assistant manager of the chain – was “unprepared” and “unprofessional”, and whose phone was going off “throughout the interview”.

She elaborated further to The Sun:

“[The interviewer] didn’t even shake my hand, didn’t have my CV out and was just sat drinking a coffee. Maybe because I’m 18 she thinks it’s OK not to be professional with me? I don’t know.”

After The Sun picked up the story, outraged citizens began to tweet angrily at the Miller & Carter Twitter account, which says it’s now looking into it.

As the saying goes, she who gets the viral tweet gets the laugh last… or something. In all likelihood though she’s probably already gotten a job offer out of this and the assistant manager has been utterly fired.

Photo: Megan Dixon / Instagram.