Tavi’s Rookie To Go Ahead Without Pratt

Proving she’s years ahead of her cohort, and perhaps those twice her age, teen blogger Tavi Gevinson has pulled the pin on her planned partnership with Jane and Sassy founder Jane Pratt over the issue of control.

Rookie, Gevinson’s yet-to-be-released online mag, was originally to come under the the banner of Pratt and Say Media‘s xojane.com, but Gevinson could not be guaranteed full ownership of her work. Speaking to WMD, she said she “would love for [Pratt] to be involved, but right now it’s something that has to be worked out between her and Say … It wasn’t like Us versus the Man … It was just that I want to have full control, and it’s important to me that we’re independent, not so that we can be indie and ‘down with the Man,’ but because I find a lot of comfort [in] knowing that it’s all in my control.”

Rookie is due for release next month, and though solely online to begin with, may eventually include biannual print editions. Gevinson has hired staff to help with advertising and design, but maintains she owns “everything”.

Clever girl.