Tasmanian Man Inadvertently Captures His Wife Having Sex With His Son On “Ghost Camera”

In news which should do nothing to stem the flow of lazy chromosome jokes made about Tasmanian people, a court has heard how a video camera used by a Tasmanian man to record paranormal activity in his kitchen inadvertently filmed his wife having an affair with his son.

More Soon-Yi/Woody then Oedipus/Jocasta, the woman was the teenager’s step-mother and had first knocked boots with the sixteen year old in October when a discussion about driving lessons eventually lead to tickling, then kissing, then the taboo sexy times favoured by Romanian people.

Coincidentally, the camera was erected the next day because the truth is out there. When the man reviewed the footage he saw his partner and son kissing. He then confronted the woman who downplayed the incident but later admitted to having sex with the teenager on at least three separate occasions. A court was later told that even after they were discovered the woman and the boy traveled to another part of the state and had sex several more times in a hotel room.

The 28 year old woman, who had been in a de facto relationship with the man for over a decade and shared a small child with him, pleaded guilty to five counts of having sex with a minor and will be sentenced on Monday.

She said that she was “ashamed and embarrassed at her conduct.”