I Only Just Found Target’s Seriously Luxe Pottery Dinnerware That’s Almost Entirely Under $5

Pottery dinnerware is a passion point of mine. I’d love to make it myself, but I’ve never had the talent to be honest. A lot of it is also mucho expensive – except then there’s Target, who have quietly dropped a whole range of it for under $10.

About half the range is under $5, like this mug:

Zuri Mug, $4

And this dinner plate:

Reactive Glaze Dinner Plate, $4

And this mug which comes in two (!!) phenom colourways:

Vista Mug, $4

Then it gets pricey. $8 (!!!!) for this plate? Madness:

Nara Speckle Dinner Plate, $8

Let’s go back to that under $5 place, I liked it there:

Textured Pebble Dinner Plate, $4

The collection isn’t entirely new – but it’s the first time I came across it, and it would be remiss of me not to share it with you, don’t you think?

There’s heaps more on Target’s site here.