Target is selling microwavable slippers, and now my cold-ass is going to buy about 50 pairs to wear all winter long.

If (like me) you live in a share house with zero heating, you’ll understand how painfully cold it can get during the winter months. Last night, I went to bed in a jumper, tracksuit pants and wool socks and I was still freezing my tits off. And yes, I am one of those cursed people who wear socks to bed, because I’ve learnt that my feet regulate my body temperature. Hence, why I’m too fkn excited about these slippers.


Target are currently slinging these bad boys for $20 and if you ask me, that’s a bloody bargain. A pair of bonafide UGG boots would set you back around $250 dollarydoos, so $20 for microwavable UGG-style slippers is *chef’s kiss*.

Not only are these beauties perfect for people with ice-cold feet, but they are also being marketed as a way to relieve aches and pains when warm. They may also provide temporary relief from sprains and bruises if placed in a freezer bag and chilled in the freezer.

BUT you’ll need to be careful when heating these and it’s recommended you feel the temperature with your hand before slapping them straight on your feet. Nothing worse than walking barefoot on the pavement on a sweltering hot day in Australia. I can imagine burning hot slippers would be a similar feeling.

These slippery guys only come in one size fits all, so depending on the size of your feet you may or may not end up looking like the abominable snowman.

You can buy these fluffy cuties here.