Sydney Was Wrapped In A Very Thick, Disruptive Blanket Of Fog This AM

SYDNEY: If you’re reading this on your phone in bed, and haven’t yet looked out the window, then we have news for you: it’s foggy as shit this morning.

EVERY OTHER PLACE IN AUSTRALIA: Sydney is experiencing extraordinary levels of fog this morning, so we really hope you’re not flying in today. Multiple flights have been cancelled.

As someone who crossed the Harbour Bridge this morning, I can confirm that from it, you cannot see shit. It basically felt like someone had built the bridge but forgotten to do anything about the city.

Check out this somewhat bizarre gif from Nine News:

All ferries in Sydney have been stopped (although the latest reports said that the Parramatta river service was now back up and running), with Transport NSW advising commuters to seek alternative transport. We recommend your bed.

Good morning Sydney you misty beauty. ?? #anzacbridge #sydney #fog

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Good news: it’s expected to clear up by midday.

Photo: Getty / James D. Morgan.