Sydney Is Flooding RN, ‘Cos Mother Nature Can’t Make Up Her Damn Mind

Well, after weeks and weeks of punishingly hot sun and humid-as-hell weather which seemed like a plot from the gods themselves to make Sydney into a gigantic hell-swamp, the tide has turned. Aggressively. This morning has seen insanely heavy rain and flash flooding at various places in the city.

The Bureau of Meteorology has issued a warning for flash flooding and heavy rainfall, and says that it will likely continue for several hours into the afternoon.

Photos and video of the storm have begun to filter through on social media, and it looks like absolute carnage at this point. Parramatta Road looks heavily afflicted by flash flooding.

Kent Street in the city looks similarly afflicted, as well as other locations where the stormwater drains can’t handle the sudden deluge:

Many pics show floodwaters rushing over vehicles and motorbikes, which is no bloody good at all.

Pray for this person, too:

This may or may not be the same person riiiiight here.

The light rail is currently not running between Central and Dulwich Hill due to the flash flooding. Delays have been identified across the rest of the public transport network.
We’ll keep you posted.
Photo: Twitter / ABC News.