Ya gotta feel for Justin Bieber, really you do.

Here he is, just trying to grab a bite of Chargrill Charlie‘s chicken with some mates after what must have been a very taxing tour, and along come approximately one thousand devoted Beliebers to gawk at him and try to steal food off his plate when he leaves. That’s no way to live.

Pictures and videos of The Biebs dining in Mosman, Sydney on Friday arvo show a crowd of girls and women clearly fangin’ to get close to their beleaguered object of affection. 

The group of onlookers (apparently only about 15 of them) eventually had to be dispersed by local police, with many of them clearly paying exactly no attention to the fact that just last week he told a fan trying to take his photo in Melbourne, “you make me sick”. 

While I really do feel sorry for the bloke, I’m also secretly thrilled that so much of his fan encounters have been caught on video during his Australian tour leg, because the guy is full of poignant and highly quotable phrases. Not just “you make me sick” – check it out:

“I’m tryna detox.”

“Who touched my face? Don’t touch my face.”

“The more you guys scream and act like animals, the less we can have fun.”

Shout out to Twitter user @godstanbieber for broadcasting these timeless moments. Apparently the whole sorry situation ended with ol’ JB sprinting down the street. Hope he gets a break when he heads over for the New Zealand tour leg.

Source: Stuff.co.nz.

Image: Twitter / @terri_medina17