Sydney 15-Year-Old Shot Dead While Sleeping In Possible Revenge Killing

A 15-year-old boy was shot dead in his bedroom in the Sydney suburb of Glenfield today. An armed man allegedly broke into the boy’s family home just before 6am, shot Brayden Dillon in the head at point-blank range as he lay in bed, and fled the scene. The boy died in hospital this afternoon. 
The murder is believed to be a revenge killing, in retaliation for the death of another young man, Adam Abu-Mahmoud, who was found stabbed to death in July last year after a brawl. 
The Sydney Morning Herald has reported that Dillon was the younger brother of one of the men charged with Abu-Mahmoud’s murder.
Dillon’s ex-girlfriend reportedly received horrible Facebook messages just hours after the shooting, saying that Dillon “deserved everything his [sic] got“. 
The girl who owns the account that the messages were sent from claimed her Facebook was hacked, and has changed her password. 
According to Fairfax, Dillon was known to local police, who were called to the family home several times within the last few years due to his behaviour. However, grieving friends have described him as a good friend, someone who “would always put everyone before himself“. They also told reporters that he’d feared for his life over the past few months. 
The search for the gunman, who wore a mask and remains unidentified, continues. He’s described as having a thin build, wearing grey tracksuit pants, a navy blue hoodie and white trainers.
Source: SMH / Daily Mail / Courier-Mail.  
Image: Supplied.