Syd Venue Allegedly Refused Makeup Artist Entry Bc Of Her Hand & Neck Tatts

Sydney make-up artist and eyebrow tattooing warlock Gordana Poljak has published a Facebook post accusing ritzy venue Coogee Pavilion of turning her away because of her tattoos. 
Poljak has a number of tatts, including on her neck and hands, but she says that she had never had a problem gaining entry to the place before Saturday night.
Speaking to, she said:

“They stopped me and said ‘I’m sorry you can’t come in’ and I said ‘Why? I’m here often, I was here a couple weeks ago.’ They said ‘Your tattoos.’”
According to Poljak, the security took the issue up with the manager, who “treated [her] like crap.”
Weirdly, they eventually let her in but restricted her to the downstairs family dining area, rather than letting her go upstairs to the bar, which is only open to adults. 

“I can go downstairs and allow all the kiddies see me tattooed neck to hand but I can’t go upstairs with the adults,” she said.

“I was dressed nicely, my hair was up. It’s not like I looked like I was going to beat someone up or do drugs in the bathroom. 

“I don’t care if people don’t like my tattoos. I get it all the time, but to actually be turned away from a venue … I should not be criticised for having neck and hand tattoos.”
People commenting on her Facebook post have been quick to source a number of images from social galleries showing patrons in the upstairs bar with visible tattoos. 
Hotel licensees are allowed under NSW law to deny anyone entry, as long as it doesn’t constitute discrimination based on someone’s age, race, sex, disability, sexuality, trans* status or marital or domestic situation. 
Image: Facebook / Gordana Poljak.