Today in the world of farshun, “sweat berets” are on their way for only edgy and cool people to pull off on Insta thanks to Japanese label, Beams and American label, Champion. 

So what exactly is a sweat beret? It is literally a beret with a drawstring on the side to match your tracky dacks this winter. ‘Cos if you can’t afford the full outfit, at least you’ve got something to keep your noggin’ warm. Also, the beret has a lil’ Champion logo on it so I’m going to make an educated guess and say this accessory is not going to be the same price as the ones at Kmart. 

Here’s a pic from Beams’ Insta and according to the comments, people are actually digging it already. Although, the release date for this new baby has yet to be announced.

If you haven’t heard of Beams before, they’re actually responsible for some very Insta-worthy fashion so for all the internet knows, the sweat beret may be the next big thing. Japan is ahead of the game in mostly everything, after all.

So far the sweat berets appear to only come in grey and navy – iconic tracky colours – and upon sussing out the average price of berets, beanies and other head wear, it seems you might have to cough up something around the AUD $60 for the sweat beret. Beauty.

Also, I like to call this Beams x The North Face item, No hat, no play, no fun todayAnd it retails for ¥5,400 AKA $65.96 easy Aussie bucks.

‘Sweat Berets’ Are Now A Thing If You Wanna Go Jogging In 2004
Flashback to sweaty lunchtimes playing Octopus.

So will the sweat beret join the exhibit at the Museum of Failure for odd things that never made it or will I crumble under Instagram’s fashion standards and buy one to be cool? Probably the latter, fashion is a curious, curious thing.