SURPRISE: That Video Of Banksy Was Almost Definitely Not A Video Of Banksy

Despite drawing pictures of cops with flowers for hands or whatever in cities around the world for decades, the elusive Banksy has remained, well, elusive.

Despite people claiming to have caught him on camera before and other people yet supposedly “revealing” him to be 3D from Massive Attack, his name and appearance are still very much a mystery.
An extremely spurious video got released today from someone claiming that they’d manage to classic-bigfoot-video (that’s a new verb I just made up) the street artist, but it looks like we were right to question it.
People were already a bit suss on account of the old signature “”””Bansky””””” had used, the fact that he doesn’t actually sign his work anymore, the weirdly specific nature of the piece, the convenient timing (an exhibit of his work will open just up the road in two days) and the very direct-to-video-y feel of the production.
Well Broadsheet did some digging (read: a Google search), and it turns out the person that sent the email tip to them is a Melbourne based social media professional who works in “media and strategy”. Case pretty much closed I’d say.
Either way, it worked, I’m bloody writing about it now aren’t I.
Source: Broadsheet.
Photo: YouTube.