45-year-old Hawaiian big wave surfer Garrett McNamara already had the world record with a 78ft ride off the coast of NazaréPortugal in 2011 . At the same break, McNamara is believed to have smashed his record, taming a 100ft beast and confirming himself as the world’s premier big wave pit monster. 

The newly discovered break feeds off the perfect conditions offered by the seafloor with a 1000ft deep channel leading all the way up to the cliffs. Narrowing as it gets closer to shore, the channel acts as a funnel for the gigantic Atlantic swells. Speaking to The Guardian in 2011, McNamara described the unique break.

The harbour where the jetskis are kept is about five minutes’ ride
away. I can see it from my hotel window. You go out and it can be almost
flat as you leave and ride along the coast. You start seeing the waves
after about half a mile when you pass some rocks and turn a point. Then
you are in the break. It’s unique. The waves break into cliffs 300ft in
height. You can’t contemplate coming off because it would kill you

The ride is yet to be confirmed or the official footage released but the 100ft record breaker appears to make a brief cameo at the 0:39 mark in the video below. Cowabunga!  

via The Guardian