Superhero Miranda Kerr Wins Magazine Cover Of 2012

The Grazia Australia cover featuring Miranda Kerr made up as a superhero has been awarded the 2012 Magazine Cover of the Year at this year’s Maggie Awards because of course it did. Putting the Victoria’s Secret organics guru in custom-made Alex Perry unitard with Australian flag stretched in her arms like a bedsheet has the award-winning combination of sequined sexuality, Wonder Woman nerd-boner, female empowerment and Aussie pride that appeals to all and offends none.  It’s a cover concept that was destined to be reblogged multiple times and probably jerked off to – a brilliant decision by Grazia (unlike its questionable men’s spinoff, launched this week).

Here it is, the Magazine Cover of the Year, shot by Chris Colls and styled by Thelma McQuillan.

Via AdNews