Sunglasses @ Night Re-release

Sadly I’m not about to report the return of Cory Hart.

Tiga’s back and to his celebrate Turbo’s 10th birthday, his esteemed label are releasing his club anthem cover of Cory Hart’s Sunglasses @ Night all over again with a bunch of new remixes drawn out by the relevant club “killers” of 2008; Alter Ego, Black Devil, D.I.M, Popof and Konrad Black.

Tiga recalls that for something that he initially wasn’t thrilled with, †Sunglasses At Night’ but it burgeoned to become ‘one of the electro anthems of the period,’ which kind of means he wants you to buy it,

It was originally set for release on the 14th of July but it’s still relatively unavailable @ most of the usual haunts, so look out for it soon.

+Turbo’s new †Omnidance’ album is due to drop in September, featuring exclusive material from not only Tiga but also Boys Noize, Chromeo, Proxy and friends. Groovey.