Street Artists Create World’s Biggest Mural At 21,000 Square Metres

The highlight of each and every episode of Art Attack was the big project at the end of the episode, where host Neil Buchanan would head out into the world somewhere with a bunch of random materials and create art on an extremely large scale, with the final result only being revealed right at the end as the camera panned upwards.

Street artists Ella & Pitr are kind of like what happens when you grow up idolising those segments, but also happen to possess a shitload of talent and the balls to make it happen.
The French duo are widely known for their huge, building-spanning work, many pieces of which live on walls and roofs in Italy, Portugal, Canada, and Chile, among others.
And this new one in Stavanger – a city in southwestern Norway – is easily their biggest yet.
Created for the annual Nuart Festival, the piece – entitled Lilith and Olaf – spans several rooftops and takes up a grand total of TWENTY ONE THOUSAND SQUARE METRES.
In the old imperial system, that’s “a shitload.”

Though not officially the world record holder just yet, it’s reported to be way larger than the current record holder – the Pueblo Levee Project in Colorado – which currently holds the “verified” record at 16,554 square metres.
Should Guinness verify the new piece at the reported 21,000-odd, then the record has well and truly been smashed.
Or, to put it another way: Huge if true.
The scale of it is even more impressive if you view it from ground level first.

Check out a bunch of the duo’s other work – a lot large, some small, all of it beautiful – by running your eyes over their Instagram feed.
via HungerTV.