‘Straya Wants The Attorney-General’s Pen License Revoked Over His Signature

Hot diggity dog, Australia. You’ve got yourself a brand new political meme, and it’s coming straight from one of this year’s spiciest stoushes. 

First, some backstory: Attorney-General George Brandis QC and former Solicitor-General Justin Gleeson SC, the Australian government’s top legal advisors, have been at it since Brandis directed pollies – even Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull – to seek his written approval before even consulting Gleeson.

Understandably pissed at this move and the resulting stalemate between ’em, Gleeson resigned from his post just a couple of hours ago. 

In his letter to Brandis, Gleeson writes “my decision does not amount to any withdrawal of any position I have taken in relation to matters of controversy between us.” In turn, Brandis responded with a letter of his own, basically saying “yup, cool, cya m8.”

The thing is, Brandis signed off with… this:

That came straight from the hand of one of Australia’s most powerful figures, written in an office that embodies the pinnacle of legal understanding. But it looks like the opposite of a signature – the kind of thing meant to signify nothing, rather than the name of our Attorney-General. 

So, ignoring one of the biggest political blow-ups of 2016, the internet’s wise denizens latched on that calligraphic clusterfuck:

As for us? Well, there’s been some speculation that his signature is more than likely an ancient rune, bestowed with untold powers. Or Brandis is simply testing out new designs for the seat fabric on public buses, who bloody knows.

Source: Sydney Morning Herald / ABC Attorney-General George Brandis QC.
Photo: Attorney-General George Brandis QC.