A TikToker Reckons We’re All Storing Our Perfume Wrong & Pls Enlighten Us, Scent Saviour

A TikToker tells us how to store perfume

A TikToker has dished out a much-needed schooling on the subject of storing our perfume. Apparently, no one has been doing it properly this whole time and we’ve been running the risk of ruining our stink juices (perfumes).

Emelia O’Toole who uses the handle @ProfessorPerfume is the creator responsible for publishing this banger educational video.


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“It’s come to my attention that nobody on TikTok or Pinterest knows the proper way to store perfume,” Emelia said, as though speaking directly through the lens and into my ignorant ears.

“If you keep your perfume in the bathroom when you shower, all of the steam, all of the constant temperature fluctuations are going to spoil your perfume a lot faster than if you store them correctly.”

Okay, but what if you take cold showers every day because you’re an absolute unit? I personally don’t have the willpower but some people might… I’m asking for them.

Emelia continued her monologue of re-education by preempting our next suggestion: “Now you’re thinking “okay I’ll take them out of my bathroom and I’ll put them on my dresser or my window sill”, don’t do that either”.

Oh for fuck sakes. Where CAN we put them? The freezer? On the roof?

“Store your fragrance in a cool, dry, dark place,” Emelia advised. “I always recommend your closet or a dresser drawer.”

“Some people keep them in the fridge. You don’t have to go that far”.

HA. I’m sorry, but who keeps their perfume in the fridge? It’s the tomato sauce fridge versus cupboard debate all over again.

“But, when you store them correctly they will last for years and years.”

Fair call.

Now I’m off to buy another can of Lynx Africa. I hear the ladies love that scent.

Should I keep it in the fridge?