Getting engaged while imprisoned doesn’t exactly seem like the easiest way of doing it, but Steven Avery probs doesn’t have access to Tinder while behind bars. 

Regardless, the subject of Netflix’s genre-defining docuseries Making A Murderer is officially betrothed once more, this time to Las Vegas legal secretary Lyn Harmann.

Steven Avery, (In)Famously Of ‘Making A Murderer’, Is Gettin’ Hitched Again

Harmann made the announcement in a Facebook group concerning Avery and his nephew Brendan Dassey, writing “I am very happy to announce that Steven Avery asked me to marry him today, and I accepted.

“It has been a difficult road getting to this point in our lives but we are very happy. Despite all obstacles, and Steven’s wrongful conviction and incarceration, we plan to be married shortly after he is released.”

Speaking to The Daily Mail from Wisconsin’s Waupun Correctional Institute, where he’s still serving a life sentence for the 2005 murder of Teresa Halbach, Avery said “she’s going to be my future wife, we’ll be laughing forever.

“I’m happy, she treats me decent, she loves me, she’s kind of spoiling me right now. I just want to be happy and enjoy my life, I think I did enough time.”

Of course, being locked up for the foreseeable future for a massively-publicised crime brings a own unique set of challenges to their relationship. It’s believed the pair have spoken every day for about eight months, but they’ve only met in person once.

Avery’s former fiancée Sandra Greenman also has some misgivings, claiming Harmann has some kind of ulterior motive for wanting to get hitched to one of the most well-known criminals of the 21st Century. Harmann has also allegedly received abuse in the light of their announcement.

Those claims of dodginess were downplayed in another post made to Facebook, in which Avery apparently asked followers not to sledge his wife-to-be:

Avery’s new legal team is still assessing avenues for overturning his conviction, and Netflix has confirmed it has new episodes of Making A Murderer in the pipeline. Perhaps Season 2 might even feature that wedding. 

Source: Daily Mail / Steven Avery Project.
Photo: Steven Avery Project / Facebook.