Stayz Will Pay For Your Easter Weekend Accomm If You Work Out Hard Enough

When you see Australia in tourism ads, it looks like a bonafide adventure land. 
It’s full of white sand beaches, ruby red plains and bush-lined rivers. We all ride kangaroos everywhere. Wrestling crocs is part of the national curriculum.
While most of that isn’t true (and the majority of us live pent up in derelict inner-city dwellings that fetch far more than they’re worth), there’s no denying ‘Straya is packing some serious natural beauty. The most traditional way to take it all in is to rent a holiday house for the weekend and get some flora and fauna up you. 
That’s where Stayz comes in. The holiday rental site is trailing a new payment system called ‘StayzFit‘ that converts your steps into currency you can use to earn yourself a free holiday.
Yahuh. This Easter break, when you book one of their participating homes, you’ll get two step trackers upon arrival and the more activity you and your companion do, the cheaper your holiday. 
If you’re true energiser bunnies, you can step, jump and hop your way to an entirely free stay.
It works on a sliding scale. If you do 30,000 steps over two days, you’ll get 10% off your stay. Do 80,000 steps and you’ll get 50% off. Manage to clock 120,000 steps? Totally free, babey.
I tried it a couple of weekends ago in Victoria’s stunning Portsea and racking up bulk steps was surprisingly easy. Instead of driving to the pub for a parma, I walked. I (attempted to) shoot hoops on the house’s bball court with my Dad. I went crabbing with my cousin at the crack of dawn.
we didn’t catch any
I ended up clocking 68,000 steps over the two day trip, and my legs weren’t even sore. The best bit? Getting out and about meant I actually spent good quality time with my family. In the end, the heavily-discounted trip was just a bonus.

The StayzFit listings go live on Tuesday 28th March and are available to travellers looking to book an escape during 10 – 24 April, 2017. You can read up on the participating homes and finer details here.
Photo: Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants.

Disclaimer: this article was not paid for, but was a guest of Stayz.