PEDESTRIAN.TV has teamed up with eBay Plus to present a 3-day digital fashion pop-up sale.

Feeling like you’re ready to chuck out your entire wardrobe? I’ve spoken to so many friends recently who are feeling completely bored with the entirety of their closet… and same, TBH.

Just a quick side-note before we get stuck into this aesthetically life-changing yarn – you can change your whole closet vibe at our 3-day digital fashion pop-up sale, taking place on 19-21st July. Items will be 50-80% off their OG price. We’ll be releasing the link to our eBay store soon. Huge mood.

This sale of the century (not biased at all) will kick those winter blues out of your life. We all have them at the moment –  the temperatures are dropping, the dark hours are long and we’re currently feeling a little flat about ourselves.

Long story short, we’re in need of rejuvenation (and a glam wardrobe makeover). This is why it’s worth investing in some new statement pieces that’ll completely transform your current looks. After all, all it takes is a new coat, pair of shoes or tee to level-up everything else you currently own.

We’ve compiled a list of subtle statement pieces that’ll have your old clothes feeling young and fresh again by affiliation.

Want more info on the upcoming PEDESTRIAN.TV x eBay Plus sale? Check out the announcement here:

Now let’s chat statement pieces…

Turtle tings

Turtle Tee, miiru

It’s no secret that turtle necks are the literal bees knees, completely transforming the vibe of an outfit. That being said, turtle tees take things one step further, providing a garment that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Oversized turtle tees are even better. miiru, you the real MVP.

Stomper tings

Anika Boot, Alias Mae, From Tuchuzy 

It doesn’t matter if your entire outfit is basic as hell… if you have some statement stompers, people will bow down. Chunky footwear, and platforms reminiscent of the Spice Girls era, are back, baby, and they’re here to stay.

High-waisted tings

Press stud pants, Jonathan Simkhai, From Désordre

High-waisted pants and shorts instantly elevate a look, elongating your figure while making your tum look synched for the Gods. The people who once laughed at you for being a Harry Highpants will soon come to envy your fashionable ways, mark my words.

Sight tings

Lime & The Coconut, Client Liason x Pared Eyewear

Peach cat-eyes, Chimi Eyewear
Rift 02, L.G.R

Similarly, a statement pair of sunnies can completely transform your outfit game.

Rainy tings

Stockholm Charcoal, Stutterheim

We’re certainly in the midst of monsoon season Down Under, so a gorg wet weather piece is most definitely a wise investment. If done well, raincoats can be both practical and aesthetically pleasing. Take this Stutterheim garment, for example, proving that primary colours are 100% sexy. A bold coat number added to ab understated outfit consisting of black and grey tones is such a lewk. No one @ me.

Frilly tings

Margaux Ruffle Skirt, We Are Kindred

When in doubt, ruffle it out. Frills will add much-needed texture and layer to your wardrobe. We love layers. After all, we’re layered beings. Like onions.

Blingy tings

Dreamy Studs, Jackie Mack Designs
The Diamond Kite Dog Tag Necklace, Luv AJ

Bling instantly updates a look, particularly if it’s equal parts boujee and understated. These bad boys are the perfect statement pieces to give that outfit a little extra sparkle.


PEDESTRIAN.TV‘s 3-day digital fashion pop-up sale will feature over 10,000 fashion, accessory and beauty items from over 70 coveted labels. Oh, and did we mention all items will be 50-80% off their OG prices? We did? Yeah, it was worth repeating.

While a standard eBay account will get you access to the store, you’ll need to sign up for eBay Plus to purchase all the goodies at discounted prices. Once you apply, you’ll get a special coupon code that gives you those beautiful discounts. C’mon thrifty queen.

A bit more about eBay Plus, you’ll get regular perks like free deliveries and returns on tons of Plus items, plus added goodies like double flybuys points and exclusive deals. You also get a four month free trial when you sign up for eBay Plus. After the trial, membership will only cost you $49 for an entire year.

Keep your eyes peeled this week for further info about, and the link to, our eBay store. For now, make sure you sign up for eBay Plus in preparation. See you at the sale for some true staple sourcing, you beautiful fashun aficionados.

Image: Supplied