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It doesn’t look like we’ll be heading back to any comic or pop culture cons anytime soon, which is a shame. I’ve always loved those events because of what they represent.

They’re a place where you can go absolutely wild when it comes to showing off how much you love a certain series or character. We’ve all seen those perfect cosplays that look like the person just stepped out of the movie. I miss seeing that dedication and craft in-person.

If you’ve also been missing that tier of nerdy self-expression, there are a few ways you can do it in your normal day-to-day life.

Look, if you want to deck yourself out in a complete Darth Vader costume while running up the street to get a coffee, I’m not going to stop you. But there are easier ways to subtly show off you’re a big fan of something.

Merch up

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The easiest option to let people know how much you love a certain movies series or comicbook character. Just whack on a t-shirt and let the “Hey, cool. Is that Kit Fisto?” compliments roll in.

It doesn’t have to just be a t-shirt either. Name any piece of clothing and I guarantee there’s a version of it that features characters from your favourite franchise. Shoes, socks, undies, hats, belts, ties – you name it.

It doesn’t have to be anything flashy either. If anything, subtle is better because it come across as less aggressive in your quest to show people how much you love a specific thing.

I own a pair of socks that have Chewbacca on the bottom of them. Will anyone ever see them because I don’t have that many excuses to run around without shoes on in public spaces? No, but I know they’re there and that’s enough.


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If you want to talk a subtle but nerdy way to rep your fandom, jewellery isn’t a bad option. Something like Pandora’s new Star Wars collaboration is the perfect way to let people know how much you love the iconic film series while still looking chic.

The Star Wars x Pandora collection includes 10 charms depicting iconic characters like Darth Vader, R2-D2, and The Child from The Mandalorian – all of which have been expertly designed to stay true to their original character’s design. The collection also includes a snake chain bracelet and a special collector’s edition Star Wars logo charm that’s hand-finished in Pandora Shine. You can grab the Star Wars x Pandora collection in-store and online now.

Style your hair

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Thanks to YouTube, tutorials on how to style your hair like an iconic movie character are an easy click away. What’s good about this is that, for the most part, it’s a pretty subtle way of showing off your fandom. It’s also a good way to make yourself feel like you’re that character while going about your day.

For example, rolling up your long hair into two side-buns is going to conjure instant associations with Princess Leia’s iconic ‘do. If you want to go the less obvious route, there’s also the crown braid that Leia wears for the majority of The Empire Strikes Back.

Does not doing your hair and letting it run wild and free count as a Wookiee cosplay? Jury is still out on that one, buddy.

Theme your make-up

Just like styling your hair, there are plenty of online tutorials on how to get a make-up look that matches your favourite character’s.

You can also get a bit more abstract when it comes to doing your make-up in a way that isn’t based on a character’s specific look, but rather their whole vibe.

Take Darth Maul, for example. Totally covering your face in red and black make-up will definitely turn some heads, but probably not the way you want. Instead, you can get creative. In a tutorial, make-up YouTuber Jbunzie combines a red winged liner with a dark smokey eye to create a look that evokes Maul’s. It’s subtle, but the vibe is there.

Everyday cosplay

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Now this is a bit tricky because if you go a bit too strong, it loses its subtly and becomes very obvious that you’re wearing a costume. Go too subtle and you’re now the guy explaining why your entire outfit is based on Max Rebo to everyone you meet.

The aim is to break down a character’s costume into recognisable colours and basic, everyday fashion that you can pull from your wardrobe.

You can swing something simple like a white tee, black vest and navy pants that’ll make you look like Han Solo. Or you can deck yourself out in all black everything with maybe a hint of leather or red highlights is enough to conjure images of a Sith Lord. An orange jumpsuit becomes a subtle homage to Luke Skywalker’s pilot outfit. (Maybe throw a Rebel Alliance enamel pin on there for good measure.)

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