17 Stackable Earrings To Layer Up If Having Multiple Piercings Is Yr Only Personality Trait

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After literally spending the entirety of my high school years literally begging my mum to let me get my seconds pierced to no avail, at a ripe 22 years old, I can proudly say that I finally took the plunge — and now I’m wondering why the hell I didn’t do this earlier? It’s a total revelation — now I can wear not one but TWO sets of earrings. I cannot express how big of a big deal this is for my indecisive ass who cannot, for the life of me, ever just choose ONE set of earrings to wear.

So yes, in short, I guess you could say this is a completely selfish story because it’s just the product of me shopping for three days on the internet in search of the perfect stackable earrings for my newly pierced lobes.

Whether you’ve just got double ups like me or piercings all over your cartilage (OUCH), there is no denying that stacked earrings give your ears a lil’ extra something something, and sifting through the many amazing brands in Australia can be a hard slog.

I like to think I’ve done the hard work for you. So, lo and behold, here are 17 of my fave hoops, studs and huggie earrings available in Australia — and yes, that is the sound of my bank account crying right now.


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Croissant Dôme Hoops, $118

Kicking off with a bang thanks to our faves over at Mejuri, these Croissant Dôme Hoops are the move. Made with 18k gold vermeil, these babies won’t make your lobes green — especially if you’re someone who likes to shower without having to strip all their jewellery off. They’re also the perfect accessory to help you nail the Parisian clean girl aesthetic.

Beaded Huggie Hoops, $225

If you’re not a fan of the bulky croissant shape, this smaller beaded version does the same job, but in a slightly more understated way. These also come in silver if gold isn’t your style.

Huge earrings Australia, huge earrings, earrings gold, stacked earrings stackable earrings

Round Topaz Hoops, $128

Hoop and dangly gem hybrid = a perfectly elegant combination. You cannot convince me otherwise.


Carlotta Pearl Gold Earrings, $550

If Jean-Paul Gaultier designed an earring, I’d imagine it to look like this. It’s got a chunky body that’s layered with mini pearl details, so this piece is bound to garner a lot of ear attention. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Huge earrings Australia, huge earrings, earrings gold, stacked earrings stackable earrings

Carlotta Gem Gold Earrings, $400

If you thought those were bold, these babies offer a step-up. I can already imagine them paired with a bunch of other simple gold studs and a beautiful aqua-coloured formal gown for grad season. Chef’s fkn kiss, besties.


Blue Sapphire Huggies, $740

Jewellery with your birthstone is always super special, so if you’re looking to match your earrings to your birthday month’s gem, Temple & Grace sells the most gorgeous gold stacked earrings to do it. Pssst, they also make a great gift for your nearest and dearest.


Huge earrings Australia, huge earrings, earrings gold, stacked earrings stackable earrings

Chain of Hearts Sleeper Earrings, $170

Delicate and unique, these gorgeous solid 9k yellow gold or sterling silver sleeper earrings will give your lobes a simple, elegant touch. It’s worth noting all of Twelve AM’s jewellery is also hand-crafted to order in their Sydney studio, so SLAY for shopping local.


Redondo Pillar, $120

I am simply OBSESSED with these 18k gold plated stacked earrings on every level, from the shade of gold to the colour of the jewels. I can already tell they’re going to be my summer ride or die. Like c’mon — these with glowy skin and salty beach hair doing sunset rooftop drinks? I’ll take 20.


Huge earrings Australia, huge earrings, earrings gold, stacked earrings stackable earrings

Chuchka Cuff Stack 4-Pack, $39

Made by Australian label Chuchka, this gold-plated set of stackable huggie earrings gives you the opportunity to cop the whole kit at once, so you can bling out your ears immediately. One of them also comes with a cartilage cuff, so you can cosplay having a cartilage piercing if you’re still too chicken to get a real one.

Fairley Mini Stardust Stacked Hoop Earrings, $109

If we’re about to bear the wrath of mercury in retrograde, it’d be rude not to.


Huge earrings Australia, huge earrings, earrings gold, stacked earrings stackable earrings

Carmen Huggie Earrings, $129

Locket necklaces had a moment a little while ago, and I’m calling it — locket earrings are about to be the next best thing. They’re also super sophisticated while still looking understated. This means you can layer them with a bunch of different studs and sleepers without making your ear look crowded.


Star Coin Hoops, $78

I’m conscious a lot of these options have been geared towards my gold earring girlies because I myself am a gold girlie, but this choice is specially dedicated to my silver jewellery stans — I promise I haven’t forgotten about you.


Eternal Peace Hoops, $159

By Charlotte’s entire range is sooo utterly dainty and elegant — and these Peace Hoops are just the tip of the iceberg. So, if that aligns with your personal aesthetic, now’s your time to shine, baby.


The Nazar Set, $94

While you can do no wrong with dainty and elegant, I think this set bridges the gap between simple and something a little more blingy for those nights you feel EXTRA.


Huge earrings Australia, huge earrings, earrings gold, stacked earrings stackable earrings

Eta Hoops, $164

You can never go wrong with simple light gold hoops. Their 14k gold vermeil finish also means they won’t go green in your ears. We promise.


Gold Double Chain Diamante Stackable Huggie Earrings, $12.99

These stackable earrings, on the other hand, are a simple Lovisa pair, so I can’t guarantee they won’t go green if you wear them every day, but if you are looking for a statement piece to chuck in occasionally, they will do the job. The gold chains and diamantes also make them look more luxe than they actually are.


Huge earrings Australia, huggie earrings, earrings gold, stacked earrings, stackable earrings

Top That! Hoops, $119

From the same brand that brought us the iconic star sign necklace, these gorgeous mini hoops are the perfect base for stacking because they’re unique but also understated, which leaves space for you to get creative in your other piercing holes.