I’ve Found Everyone’s Perfect Summer Sandals In St Agni’s Current Shoe Collection

I’ve always been a fan of Australian fashion brand St Agni, but never to the point of stalking their site regularly. It felt like I’d come across cool items they’d made, like those woven closed slides all the influencers wore for a while there, but didn’t scope their entire collection each season.

[jwplayer G09aGnNy]

BIG MISTAKE. HUGE. Today I was having a squiz because their PR sent me a press release about their latest collaboration with Olive Cooke, which are these heavenly sandals by the way:

Olive Sandal, $289

They are heaven – so I thought I’d check out the rest of the St Agni shoe collection. OH. MY. GOD. How have I been sleeping on this Aussie brand for so many years? All that searching for perfect, soft leather sandals for summer, and I could’ve just been here buying these:

Pippa Slide, $189

No one buy those ^^^ Pippa slides in a size 41 or you’re dead to me. If they sell out before I can scrounge my Christmas $$$ together I will RIOT.

Not a tan sandal fan? Come right this way:

Basque Espadrille, $259

Want black? They’ve got black:

St Agni X Assembly Crossover Pool Slide, $199
Bruno Sandal, $169

I’m also deeply obsessed with these knitted sandals, but they’d have to be work-only ones for me because I trash everything I own.

Celina Knitted Sandal, $329

And since they’re the lords of woven leather, there are of course these:

Dori Woven Sandal, $189

And these:

Tuscan Woven Espadrille, $269

There are honestly SO many more styles on there, I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t lust after at least one pair. Me? I want five thanks.