Aretha Stewart-Brown, Flex Mami + More Have Joined Forces W/ Sportsgirl

Let’s be honest – sometimes being real and raw can be tough as heck, and it can feel like the world just wants you to fit a cookie-cutter mould. But chucking aside insecurities and embracing your identity is part of being your authentic self. In 2018, what it means to be recognised for being the badass, genuine women we are is very different. Sportsgirl’s ‘Be That Girl’ movement is here to show us how – it’s about being who you are, whoever that might be.

They’re the girls who sure as heck ain’t gonna let someone else tear them down a peg or two, cos’ they’re capable and confident. Check out the vid below to see those girls in action.

Not only do these girls walk the walk, but they’re also encouraging diversity and the idea that we are all unique, brilliant, raw and bold in our own way. With icons like transgender model Manahou Mackay, Indigenous activist and model Aretha Stewart-Brown, and DJ/TV presenter Flex Mami all coming together to join Sportsgirl’s ‘Be That Girl’ movement, the inspo is strong.

The three gals are allllll about Sportsgirl’s message (with Manahou speaking some serious truth – “be authentically yourself and take the world by the balls“) and prove that being perfect isn’t something to strive for. Being genuine though? That’s defs what it’s all about.