PEDESTRIAN.TV has teamed up with Sportsgirl to remind you to be your authentic self.

If there’s one thing that is important when it comes to inclusivity and diversity initiatives, it’s consistency. We wanna see initiatives that aren’t just flashes in the pan, that last longer than lippy after a late-night kebab feed.

So it’s exciting to see that Sportsgirl’s #BeThatGirl campaign is back in full force for 2020, empowering all different kinds of women to embrace their true selves instead of conforming to some ridiculous ideal or nonsense stereotype (not cute).

To showcase this, Sportsgirl have once again brought together a whole lot of impressive people, from Indigenous rights activists to Paralympic athletes to financial advisors, to form their class of 2020.

The campaign is kicking off with a video showcasing the class answering some serious, candid questions about what they want to be in 2020.

The full round-up of the Be That Girl cast giving their two cents includes: AJ Clementine, Kate Wasley, Jacob Stella, Inka Williams, Grace Koh, Erin Cleaver, Sabina McKenna, Maeve Haim, Mikele Syron and Victoria Devine.

Beauty entrepreneur Maeve makes a point of saying, “What I love about our generation and the generations that are coming behind us is that we’re so much more open to being different.”

And it’s true — it’s the reason why these sorts of initiatives are so important. They expose new generations of young people to the reality that being different is totally normal and encouraged.

The important thing is people know that it doesn’t matter what ‘kind’ of different you are, as long as you’re living as your authentic self.

Body positive activist Kate Wasley said it best, saying, “I used to feel belittled by the term ‘plus size’ but now I’ve learnt to own the title. You don’t have to look a certain way to be successful and you should never compare yourself to others.”

You can check out the full video below, and join the conversation so you can be heard as your own authentic self.

Image: Sportsgirl