“Spirit Hoods” – And Would You Wear One

For a minute I thought these were just furry relics leftover from the wardrobe department of Where The Wild Things Are, but they’re are actually Spirit Hoods: the faux fur fashion headwear taking over the world!!!!!

[Sorry about the exclamation mark wig-out, but just thinking about stuffed toy headdresses makes me punctuate the shit out of every sentence for some unknown reason!?>?$^”!!!] Fear perhaps?!?!???!!!!

Spirit Hoods aren’t just the random novelty accessory that you and I thought they were though!!! They are much more than that: they are a symbol of this bond and the connection we have to our primal and wild natures. I wish we could explain the amazing and surreal effect that wearing a Spirit Hood can have on you and your tribe of friends, but it’s honestly like trying explain color to the blind – you just have to experience it to understand. – So goes the ethos of Spirit Hoods according to the Spirit Hood website.

Cue ‘plushy’ pun overload.

Spirit Hoods have just become available in Australia – exclusively from Desordre, who have just opened a permanent retail space in Sydney but will deliver all around Australia.
Order by email at: desordrestore@gmail.com