RIP My Credit Card, ‘Cos Spell’s Dreamy Collection With Elle & Lucie Ferguson Drops Tomorrow


If you’re trying to figure out what to wear post-lockdown (same), then do I have the collection for you: cult Byron Bay label Spell has teamed up with sisters Elle Ferguson and Babyanything (aka Lucie Ferguson) to create a dreamy capsule collection just in time for your summer activities. Bonus news: it lands tomorrow.

The collection consists of just 11 pieces of clothing, a few accessories, and one pair of slouchy black boots that come with just the right amount of heel. (Not so high it hurts, but not so low it looks like you didn’t even try, you know?) It’s 18 pieces all up, and every one is heaven.

It’s an “ode to our ‘dream shared wardrobe’” Elle and Lucie said, who designed the collection alongside Spell founders (and sisters) Lizzy and Isabelle.

“We were inspired by our mutual love of the ocean, generations of muses from countless childhood memories of music and movies, all mixed with a little bit of sister magic,” they added.

“We hope when you wear this, someone stops you in the street to ask where it’s from – it’s these little encounters after all, that allow us to bond with strangers like sisters!”

The pieces have that Spell flair with a bit of an edge to them, perfect for pretending you’re the type of person who can dance in a mosh pit and not, I repeat, not get mud on you. (This person doesn’t exist, but hey, it’s fun to pretend.)

Elle and Lucie jumped on Spell’s Instagram stories to talk about the collection, revealing their personal faves.

For Elle: The Jagger Mini Dress, which is “based on a vintage dress I bought like 10 or 15 years ago, and wore to Coachella five years ago”, as well as the Cult Tees because she “lives in” her Harley tee.

Elle is wearing the Jagger Mini Dress on the far left. Photo: Spell / Instagram.

For Lucie: The boots, because they’re what “I’ve wanted to wear my whole life and what I’ve wanted to make my whole life”.

Other standouts include the Rumour Print Ruffle mini dress, because a) the pattern and skirt detailing is a match made in heaven and b) I can picture this dress being very kind to sunburnt shoulders. Bonus: the Moonlight belt is included in the collection, and is reversible. We love that kind of versatility.

Another stand-out? This specific combination of the Rumour Print Shirt Dress and Moonlight Shorts. Yes, both are stunning on their own (as well as the onyx-coloured shorts), but something about putting them together creates another kind of magic.

See me living in these shorts all summer long. Photo: Spell.

The collection drops on Spell tomorrow (Thursday 21st October) at 10am, and ships mid-November. Credit cards at the ready – their drops never last long.