Spell & The Gypsy Collective’s New Robes Are Made Of Lush Off-Cuts From Their Old Pieces

Maybe you haven’t thought about shopping while in isolation. Maybe, like me, your shopping addiction has just shifted from fashion to loungewear and like… yoga mats. I seriously need to stop buying new, cute yoga mats.

One thing I’ve had my eye on for a while is a new robe. Is there anything more lush than schmoozing around your house in a fancy robe? No, there isn’t.

One of my fave brands, if you follow my writing on here you’d def know this, is Spell. I love everything they do, first and foremost because they genuinely seem to give a shit about doing good. They donated 1 million bucks to bushfire relief earlier in the year. They work hard to ensure their production processes aren’t ruining the environment or exploiting workers.

Their latest collection is called Renew, and utilises deadstock from previous collections to create some extremely heavenly robes, coin purses, couch cushion covers and bags.

Renew Robe, $229

It’s a genius way for them to limit waste and use up off-cuts from previous collections – especially since all their patterns are so, so gorgeous. There are literal FAN GROUPS for Spell collections, that’s how well-loved some of their vintage materials are.

Renew Cushion Cover, $49
Renew Tote, $19.95

All the pieces are on sale as of today, and run from $19.95 for the tote bags to $229 for the robes.