This is it. The benchmark. The new classic.

The gold standard for pure, unadulterated happiness, from this day forth, is a man named Mark I Love Spam Benson getting married to his spam-loving fiancee at the Spam Museum


Spam-Loving Man Weds Spam-Loving Woman In Elegant Soiree At Spam Museum

please note Spam bowtie

Speaking to reporters, Mr. I Love Spam Benson said giddily:

“It’s gonna be a few days before it seems real, but it’s a dream come true.”

No one has ever been happier than this Spam-loving cherub. NO ONE.

Apparently his deep love for the preserved meat stems from a family connection – Benson’s grandfather and uncle both worked at the Spam factory in his native Liverpool, and he changed his middle name by deed poll in 2015. 

Yesterday he and fiancee of eight years Anne Mousley travelled to Austin, Minnesota to take part in the first ever wedding ceremony held at the Spam Museum, during which Benson delivered possibly the most beautiful piece of Spam-related poetry ever conceived:

“People often say, what does the word spam mean? Well in my eyes, it means: special princess Anne Mousley.”

Spam-Loving Man Weds Spam-Loving Woman In Elegant Soiree At Spam Museum

If only all of us could feel as strongly about something as Mr. & Mrs. I Love Spam Benson feel about Spam. Their love is as pure as their favourite tinned meat product is salty, and we wish them all the best in their lives together. May their union last as long as their pantry.

Source: The Project / BBC.

Image: The Project.