When it comes to fashion, usually the ~vibes~ of a collection are restricted to runways at fashion weeks, with only editors and influencers getting to experience the mood behind the new threads.

But Australian brand Song For The Mute have decided that their latest collection, titled 19.2 Hunter, deserved a full conceptual space so fans of the label could completely immerse themselves in the designers inspiration for the pieces.

The space – situated down in The Rocks – is part of a partnership with the Australian Fashion Council, and is open for just five weeks. It’s quite breathtaking and well worth a visit. The 19.2 Hunter collection and concept space are designed as a reflection on isolation, and our inherent need to engage with nature and to re-connect with one’s spirit.

Creative Director Lyna Ty collaborated with fellow creatives like Hermetica Flowers, who dried native Australian flora over a period of eight weeks for the space.

Credit: Kitty Callaghan

But it’s not just about the visual element – Song For The Mute wanted the space to touch on sight, sound and smell. So they teamed up with Queensland band Lastlings, who toured recently hit the stages at Coachella and Splendour, for a 40-minute soundtrack inspired by our Australian landscape, using field recordings and sounds from the QLD hinterlands.

Credit: Kitty Callaghan

They also teamed up with Kangaroo Valley-based skincare brand Lepaar for a limited edition scent that utilises eucalyptus, pine and arnica to fragrance the space. 30 bottles of the scent will also be available for lucky buyers.

Credit: Kitty Callaghan

Song For The Mute Brand Director Melvin Tanaya said in a statement that the concept space is a way to present their inspiration in a new way.

“Over the years Lyna and I have developed a family-like relationship with brands, creators and
musicians we share a mutual respect with. While each one has a unique voice, we all have the desire
to create genuine experiences, and this opportunity with the Australian Fashion Council is the perfect
platform to present our ideas to a new audience in our own special way.”

The space is situated at 79 George Street, The Rocks, and it’s open now until October 7.