Some Legit Genius Has Gifted Us With A Vid Of Howard DJing Like A Mad C*nt

All praise be to the mighty glory of the internet, whose infinite wisdom proves time and time again that all good memes come to those who wait.
Imagine if you had to construct a Mount Rushmore in Australia and you could only put the 4 best memes in the country’s history up there. A glorious, 200-foot high monument to the greatest gags our slow-ass internet has ever produced.
There they all are: Just Waiting For A Mate
Tony Abbott wearing speed dealers
The almighty and everlasting glory of the halal snack pack
And perhaps the one that started them all, the proto-Aussie meme, if you will, the certified Hall of Famer that is Howard DJs like a mad cunt.
That last one is as iconic to Australiana as a Chico Roll in a kelpie’s mouth. Utterly timeless. As funny today as it was whenever it was haphazardly scribbled on a newspaper.
And thanks to both John Howard‘s wildly befuddling address at the National Press Club earlier today, and some absolute flippin’ GENIUS legend’s quick-thinking and internet ingenuity, we have an update at long last.
Video of John Howard spinning the 1s and 2s like the beat-dropping rooter that he secretly is.

Malcolm Turnbull‘s timing was way off. NOW there’s never been a more exciting time to be an Australian.

Source: Twitter.