Snapchat Introduces ‘Stories’ Function: Now Your Sexts Can Last A Whole 24 Hours

Nipplepic and cockshot sharing app Snapchat has flipped its one selling point on its head – that images shared last for a maximum of ten seconds – and introduced a new feature called Snapchat Stories, hoping to push the message that it’s not just for nipples and cocks anymore.

According to the Snapchat blog:

“Snapchat Stories add Snaps together to create a narrative. When you add a Snap to your Story it lives for 24 hours before it disappears, making room for the new. Your Story always plays forward, because it makes sense to share moments in the order you experience them.

Your Story never ends and it’s always changing. The end of your Story today is the beginning of your Story tomorrow. And each Snap in your Story includes a list of everyone who views it.”

We were just thinking that we need a platform other than Facebook, Twitter and Instagram through which to share the inconsequential minutiae of our everyday lives, so Snapchat Stories should be right up our alley. The promo video features Goldroom (nope, we haven’t heard of them either) Snapchat Story-ing a day where they hang out in a canal and be impossibly trendy.