Today in news of animals living your dreams before you do, a Brisbane snake has managed a free trip to Auckland, New Zealand by stowing away in the wheel housing of a private jet. 

The plucky serpent was clearly keen to be the first of its kind to tour Aotearoa, but its vacation was cut short almost immediately. 

Biosecurity staff at the notoriously strict airport spotted the slithery tourist on the tarmac on Sunday, and kept it in a bucket until the NZ Ministry for Primary Industries could send in a snake handler.

Unfortunately for this and any other prospective reptilian sight-seers, the snake, believed to be a brown tree snake, was in pretty rough shape after several hours at altitude. It’s most likely that it will be euthanised. RIP snekky; you only wanted to see the world 🙁

Craig Hughes from the MPI told the media, somewhat threateningly:

“We don’t have a snake population in New Zealand. Biosecurity officials are doing their best to make sure it stays that way.”

Snake With Big Dreams Hitches Ride From QLD To NZ On Private Jet

pictured: Craig Hughes warming up for his press conference

Let that be a warning to any other slitherers with big ideas: if you’re keen on travelling, do it the old-fashioned way (get a big eagle to scoop you up in its talons).


Image: Twitter / @MPI_NZ